Oshawa and Durham Region Métis Council -
ODRMC Community
The Community represented by the Oshawa and Durham Region Metis Council is described geographically as follows:
To the South running East/West along the shore of Lake Ontario from Markham Road in the West to the Durham / Northumberland regional boundary in the East.
In the West running North/South from Lake Ontario shores running North/South along Markham Road to HWY 48 , continuing North/South along HWY 48 to Jackson’s Point to the shore of Lake Simcoe.
In the North from Jackson’s Point along the shoreline of Lake Simcoe running East/West to Port Bolster. Continuing East/West along HWY 48 which becomes Regional Road 9 in Victoria County, continuing East/West to the shore of Sturgeon Lake.
In the East from the shore of Sturgeon Lake running North/South along Regional Road 31 to the Durham/Northumberland regional boundary to the shore of Lake Ontario.